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10 Reasons to Strength Train

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Weight loss and overall health are important reasons to hit the gym. However, many people spend most of their time focusing on their cardio routines with only small improvements to their overall health. By incorporating a regular strength training routine, people can not only improve their weight loss and overall physique, but can also experience marked improvements to their overall health and longevity. Consider adding a regular strength training program which can include weight lifting, resistance training, pilates, or yoga to your fitness routine.

1) Stronger Muscles

The most obvious benefit to strength training is stronger muscles. It will help you protect your existing muscle mass, and add replace fat with more muscle mass. Muscles deteriorate with age, and if you do not challenge your muscles, they will diminish and be replaced with fat.

2) Boost Metabolism

Incorporating strength training into your fitness routine is the best way to boost the number of calories that your body burns. Muscle is dense and therefore burns more calories than other types of tissue. By replacing your fat with muscle, you are increasing the number of calories that your burn when you work out.

3) Prevent Osteoporosis

People of all ages can reap the benefits of strength training, including the increase in bone density. Lifting weights puts stress on your bones. Because your bones are alive and constantly regenerating, lifting weight will cause your bones to become denser in an effort to prevent stress. By continually stressing your muscles and bones, they will grow and become stronger.

4) Fight Diabetes

If you have higher levels of fat and lower levels of muscle, you are likely living a sedentary lifestyle. Those with that sort of lifestyle are more likely to experience insulin-resistance which increases your risk for diabetes. Studies show that people with a higher muscle to fat ratio are at lower risk for developing diabetes because muscle mass burns blood sugar for fuel.

5) Fight Pain

When you build your lean muscle mass, they do more of the work for you, putting less stress on your bones and joints. People who regularly incorporate strength training are not as affected by arthritis pain and joint injuries.

6) Mental Clarity

Strength training will not only help you look better, it will help you feel better. You will demonstrate more mental clarity, and higher self-esteem. Studies have shown that older adults who regularly strength train will have better focus.

7) Fight Cancer

People who regularly lift weights are shown to exhibit less damage from free radicals, the precursor to tissue damage and again. If you are sedentary, you are more likely to suffer damage from these cells.

8) Speed Recovery

If you are injured or in an accident, your chances of recovering more quickly increase if you regularly participate in strength training exercises. It also makes you less prone to certain injuries because your muscles are able to better support your body.

9) Increase Stamina

If you want to do better in your cardio routines, adding strength training can help you get there. You will be able to train longer and harder because you have built up the muscle mass required to have endurance. Elite athletes always incorporate plenty of strength training into their fitness routines.

10) Healthier Blood Panels

If you suffer from high cholesterol, adding strength training into your workout routine should help to improve your blood lipid panel. LDL (bad cholesterol) is decreased and HDL (good cholesterol) is increased in those who incorporate regular strength training.

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Casey has been my sports massage therapist for quiet some time, during this time Casey has proven to certainly know his massage therapy as well as being a Personal Trainer which therefore understands a true Sports Massage . I have had many sports massages, but nothing stacks up to Casey. I am a Natural Body Builder and carpenter by trade, which as u could imagine between my weight training everyday and being on the tools it takes a toll on the body! So a massage assists with my muscle repair and release of lactic acid build up which needs to be released from the areas where Casey works firmly and deeply into my tissue.

Tim Dalton


I’ve been working out with Casey for a year and a half. I started with Casey as I had a shoulder / lower neck injury that was causing headaches. Started a new business that entailed heavy lifting and also have low blood pressure.

Casey helped me to strengthen the muscles around the shoulders to support injury. Strengthen my back and stomach to help prevent injury from lifting and worked out a program to minimize dizziness from low blood pressure.

I have not suffered from headaches since working with Casey. And have a stronger and more toned body. He has also help with his remedial massage. If I have had a busy week and muscles are becoming tight. He is able to massage the knots out.

I would highly recommend Casey as a trainer , as I have achieved the result I desired.

Joanne Richards


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