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Incorporating BOXING in your personal training sessions is a great way to mix things up. Boxing for cardio, whilst learning some techniques will help you reach your fitness goals. The session will also include intense drills, strength exercises and an incredible core workout. Boxing is fun, you get fit and loose fat! Boxing is an awesome workout for individuals and groups.

Buddy Training

BUDDY TRAINING is with you, a friend and a trainer. The session can still be tailored to suit your individual needs, regardless of your goals or fitness levels.

Working out with a friend can be motivating and can keep you focussed towards your own personal training goals and best of all it’s cost effective.

Group Exercises

SMALL GROUPS Personal training is a great way to get together with friends, colleagues or even a way to meet new people with similar fitness interest. Training in a small group still tends to your individual needs, whilst allowing you to train in an enthusiastic & motivating environment. Training can even be tailored towards different groups like mothers/fathers groups, boxing, sporting groups, corporate and many more. This is a great affordable way to train too.


Is exactly what it says ONE ON ONE, its personal and the focus is on YOU.

After an initial health & fitness assessment and goal setting session, together we will design a personal training program tailored to suit you. I will guide you step by step in all aspects from eating plans, lifestyle changes, exercises in and out of the gym and boost your everyday activities to help you achieve the goals we set together.

Remedial Massage (Health Rebate)

Why not soothe those aching muscles with a relaxing and therapeutic massage. Let your body and mind fade away into a state of bliss, whilst in your own private treatment room. A range of Massage Therapies are available including


And yes if you have Private Health you can claim a health rebate! Did you know massage has a range of fantastic health benefits


From our Clients

Casey has been my sports massage therapist for quiet some time, during this time Casey has proven to certainly know his massage therapy as well as being a Personal Trainer which therefore understands a true Sports Massage . I have had many sports massages, but nothing stacks up to Casey. I am a Natural Body Builder and carpenter by trade, which as u could imagine between my weight training everyday and being on the tools it takes a toll on the body! So a massage assists with my muscle repair and release of lactic acid build up which needs to be released from the areas where Casey works firmly and deeply into my tissue.

Tim Dalton


I’ve been working out with Casey for a year and a half. I started with Casey as I had a shoulder / lower neck injury that was causing headaches. Started a new business that entailed heavy lifting and also have low blood pressure.

Casey helped me to strengthen the muscles around the shoulders to support injury. Strengthen my back and stomach to help prevent injury from lifting and worked out a program to minimize dizziness from low blood pressure.

I have not suffered from headaches since working with Casey. And have a stronger and more toned body. He has also help with his remedial massage. If I have had a busy week and muscles are becoming tight. He is able to massage the knots out.

I would highly recommend Casey as a trainer , as I have achieved the result I desired.

Joanne Richards


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Meet the Team

Casey de Souza

Hi I’m Casey from On Ya Case Personal Training & Massage Therapies and I am a passionate, dedicated & enthusiastic health and fitness professional, who is here to guide you to optimum health and well being.

I have been associated with the fitness industry since 2002 and growing up was involved in tennis and athletics at state level and also played rugby union. I attained my Certificate III & IV…

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